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Our new fully electric landscaping and maintenance equipment – funded in part by a grant from our local council (King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council) Plan For The Future Grant Scheme.

The aims of this project: To help plan for the future, reduce our carbon footprint, lower noise pollution over existing petrol and diesel alternatives and to improve our green credentials.

The results: Increased productivity when carrying out maintenance on site. Increased safety for employees eliminating the need for handling fuel and less noise pollution for staff too. Lower maintenance costs as fewer running parts on machinery needing replacement/maintenance. Improved customer satisfaction due to less disturbance and noise on site.

Below is an image of some of the equipment funded by the grant.



We understand that it is vital to conserve the environment as much as possible for future generations. Our commitment to the environment and sustainable day to day running of the park is outlined below:


Here are some of the things we do:

Water Usage
We have fitted reduced flow timed fittings to all showers and taps across the site and reduced the flush in all toilets to 4 litres. The toilets are also flushed by rainwater, collected from the roof of the new facility block. Reducing the flow of water saves a large volume of water on park. We meter consumption of water, and where possible review and reduce consumption.

All light fittings are low energy, the outdoor lighting of the new facility block comprises of 3 watt LED light bulbs, not only do they provide the light equivalent to a normal spotlight, but they have an expected lifetime of 15 years. Lighting is limited to the buildings / chemical emptying area to reduce light pollution and preserve the night skies......bring a torch!
The internal lighting of the new facility block is done by “light tunnels”. During the day these use only natural sun light to reflect down a mirror lined tunnel and provide exceptional lighting without the need for electricity. When the sunlight drops, the interior lighting is on motion sensors and light level sensors. This again cuts down on wasting electricity when the building is empty.

Renewable energy
We have invested in solar technology which currently provides two thirds of the hot water requirements for our guests, the solar panels can be seen on 3 sides of the roof of the new facility block on the park. We harness the power of the sun, the largest free energy source known to man, to heat the water. We also use an air source heat pump to generate the additional hot water requirements at peak times and during the winter For every 1kW of electricity put into the air source heat pump, 3-4kW of heat are output, meaning an energy efficiency of 3-400%. This enables the new building to have no dependency on oil or gas.
The energy production is monitored closely. This can also be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world. The main advantages of this system are we are not wasting heat or energy when not in use, the system is very hygienic, thanks to patented Oskar Multilayered Reservoir, no water is stored, only heat energy, this significantly increases hygiene as fresh water comes directly from the mains supply and is only heated when there is a demand.  The ventilation can recylcle up to 90% of the buildings heat by taking the heat out of the extracted air and adding the heat to the fresh air entering the buiding.All of these features in turn reduce our carbon footprint.

If you are interested in knowing more about the eco products in the new facility block, a member of staff will happily explain the features and benefits in more detail.
For more information on the systems used please visit www.energyworx2.co.uk and www.ratiotherm.co.uk

Purchasing resources/supplies

When purchasing resources, we try to avoid the use of hazardous materials, by seeking substitutes. Where possible, we purchase eco-friendly products where possible. We also aim to support local businesses.


An example of this - The new facility block has been clad with ‘Thermowood’ from sustainable Finnish  forests. Rather than being treated with chemicals, instead it was heat treated, this gives the product life in excess of 30 years without any chemical preservative. The reception and meeting cabin are also constructed of wood, again from sustainable forests.

The local community
We regularly make donations to events being held in the village, and advertise many of the local businesses,  

We are committed to recycling cardboard, paper, plastic, cans, bottles and grass cuttings.

In being committed to the environment and creating a sustainable holiday destination King’s Lynn Caravan and Camping Park joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme. This is the national sustainable tourism certification scheme for the UK. It aims to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of sustainable tourism by rewarding organisations across the country that make a conscious contribution. We are very pleased to have been awarded in this scheme for our commitment.

klcc@btconnect.com Tel - 01553 840004