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Local History

The village of North Runcton was first mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086. The campsite is situated in the parkland that belonged to Runcton Hall built in 1835 by the Gurney family. The hall was unfortunately demolished and the old wall at the junction of Rectory Lane is virtually all that remains. It is believed that the trees on the site were planted at least 170 years ago hence they all have preservation orders .Where they have either been struck by lightning or killed by disease, new species have been planted. The small lodge in the corner was the entrance from the Norwich /Lynn road. There was a toll on this road consequently New Road was built to avoid the toll. Two famous people connected with the village were Michael Caine who was evacuated to the village during the war and Elizabeth Fry, prison reformer and Quaker.

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The site is surrounded by hedges some coniferous and the grass is kept short during the camping season. Wood peckers are frequent visitors to the large trees as are grey squirrels, jackdaws, jays, owls and the occasional cuckoo.

klcc@btconnect.com Tel - 01553 840004